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Read Book Anatomy for the Artist Online author by Jenő Barcsay. Read or Download Anatomy for the Artist format Spiral-bound in 342 and Published 25-8-2006 by Sterling.

Anatomy for the Artist
by: Jenő Barcsay in Spiral-bound, 342
Published 25-8-2006 by Sterling

Anatomy for the Artist It’s the classic in its field—a reference work of unparalleled importance for all professionals and students of art.  

This superb art manual is the best guide available on a subject that has fascinated artists for centuries: the human body. Jenö Barcsay, a professor who taught applied anatomy at the Budapest Academy of Fine Arts, offers a detailed portrayal of the body for the fine artist in 142 full-page plates. From the entire skeleton and the joints in and out of motion to all the muscles and even facial characteristics, every body part appears in close-up and from varying perspectives. Accompanying the images are brief discussions of male and female anatomical construction, explaining precisely the articulations and movement of the foot, the arm, the trunk, the spinal column, and the skull. In many cases, two sketches appear side by side: one just lightly traced in, and marked with letters to show how proportions and perspective were figured, and another fully finished drawing. Without the indispensable information contained on these illuminating pages, painters cannot observe with understanding all the attitudes, positions, and movements of which the body is capable—and produce a truly magnificent work of art.
Features a new concealed spiral that keeps the book open as you work!

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