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Read Book Dangerous Passion Online author by Lisa B. Kamps. Read or Download Dangerous Passion format ebook in 300 and Published 24-10-2016 by BimHaven Press.

Dangerous Passion
by: Lisa B. Kamps in ebook, 300
Published 24-10-2016 by BimHaven Press

Dangerous Passion Shelby Martin's life is as dry, dull and dusty as the artifacts with which she works, but all that changes when she accepts a dare by her friends: pick up a sexy stranger for one unforgettable night of uncharacteristic passion.

Josh Nichols is a no-nonsense vice cop used to the seedier side of Baltimore. When he's picked up in a bar by Shelby, he realizes the move is out of character for her—and is immediately surprised at the instant chemistry between them. He doesn't count on her disappearing after one hot night—before he gets her full name or even a phone number.

Neither of them had expected to see the other again—or to have their worlds turned upside down when they're thrown together as a result of a crime at Shelby's museum. Can two people from completely different worlds look beyond suspicion and build a relationship from one night of unprecedented passion? Or will those differences pull them apart…especially when there's someone else who wants nothing more than to see Shelby fail?

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