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Read Book Blubber Online author by Judy Blume. Read or Download Blubber format Hardcover in 208 and Published 29-4-2014 by Perfection Learning.

by: Judy Blume in Hardcover, 208
Published 29-4-2014 by Perfection Learning

Blubber What happens when teasing goes too far? This classic middle grade novel from Judy Blume addresses the timeless topic of bullying and has a fresh new look.
"Blubber is a good name for her," the note from Caroline said about Linda. Jill crumpled it up and left it on the corner of her school desk. She didn't want to think about Linda or her dumb report on whales just then. Jill wanted to think about Halloween.
But Robby grabbed the note and before Linda stopped talking it had gone halfway around the room. There was something about Linda that made a lot of kids in her fifth-grade class want to see how far they could go...but nobody, Jill least of all, expected the fun to end where it did.

Reading Blubber Online - blubber is a childrens novel by judy blume first published in 1974the narrator of the story is jill brenner a pennsylvania fifth grader who joins her classmates in ostracizing and bullying linda an awkward and overweight girl linda gives an oral class report about whales and is hence nicknamed blubber by her peers - buy a cheap copy of blubber book by judy blume summaryblubber is a good name for her the note from wendy says about linda jill crumples it up and leaves it on the corner of her desk she doesnt want to think free shipping over 10 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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