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Read Book The Troutbum Bundle Online author by John Galligan. Read or Download The Troutbum Bundle format ebook in 100 and Published 23-5-2016 by Prologue Books.

The Troutbum Bundle
by: John Galligan in ebook, 100
Published 23-5-2016 by Prologue Books

The Troutbum Bundle John Galligan's fly fishing mysteries feature Ned "Dog" Oglivie, a troutbum trying to fish himself to death in an attempt to escape the life he left behind. Along the way he and his Cruisemaster RV accidentally end up in the middle of heated situations that leave somebody dead. Beautiful writing, great intrigue, and sure handed storytelling flow throughout this critically acclaimed series.


The Nail Knot: Driven by tragedy, the Dog is on a quest to fish himself into oblivion. And he's nearly made it. Playing the back highways of America in a wounded old RV, provisioned with a supply of peanut butter sandwiches, bad cigars, and vodka-Tang, armed with a loaded pistol (for when the money runs out), the Dog is nearly at the end of his tether when he rolls into little Black Earth, Wisconsin, intending to fish the yellow sally stonefly hatch...and finds a body instead.

The Blood Knot: The last thing The Dog wanted was to find another body. But there was Annie Adams--the barn lady--floating dead at his feet, her easel and paints set up on the bridge above his head. And so The Dog wades his way through Kussmaul country encountering a confessing nine year old, a dispute over trespassing, a shunned Amish woman, and a quite possibly rabid beaver. And The Dog knows, this is not a fishing trip.

The Clinch Knot: The Dog is in Livingston, Montana, daydreaming about fishing the Stone and, as usual, subsisting on Swisher Sweets, vodka-Tang, and the hope that pretending to forget will be enough. He's forged a few tenuous friendships, and now finds himself watching from the bank as troubled local girl Jesse Ringer leads D'Ontario Sneed into the swift current of young love. It's sweet, really ...but some of the locals object to the relationship on the basis of Sneed's skin color.

The Wind Knot: After five years of self-imposed exile on the rivers of America, trout bum Ned "Dog" Oglivie has burned his waders and hat, given away his rod, and turned his Cruise Master RV away from the famous Hemingway water in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, bound for reconciliation with his past. But some men never make it home.

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