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Read Book Breaking Protocol (Firehouse Fourteen, #3) Online author by Lisa B. Kamps. Read or Download Breaking Protocol (Firehouse Fourteen, #3) format ebook in 295 and Published 13-6-2016 by BimHaven Press.

Breaking Protocol (Firehouse Fourteen, #3)
by: Lisa B. Kamps in ebook, 295
Published 13-6-2016 by BimHaven Press

Breaking Protocol (Firehouse Fourteen, #3) Dave Warren knows all about protocol. As a firefighter/paramedic, he has to. What he doesn't know is when his life became nothing more than routine, following the rules day in and day out. Has it always been that way, or was it a gradual change? Or did it have anything to do with his time spent overseas as a medic with the Army Reserves? He's not sure, but it's something he's learned to accept and live with—until a series of messages upsets his routine. And until one spitfire Flight Medic enters his life.

Carolann "CC" Covey has no patience for protocols. Yes, they're a necessary evil, a part of her job, but they don't rule her life. She can't let them—she knows life is for the living, a lesson learned the hard way overseas. Which is why her attraction to the serious and staid Dave Warren makes no sense. Is it just a case of "opposites attract", or is it something more? Will CC be able to teach him that sometimes rules need to be broken?

And when something sinister appears from Dave's past to threaten everything he's come to love, will he learn that Breaking Protocol may be the only way to save what's really important?

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