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Read Book Playmaker (The Baltimore Banners, #5.5) Online author by Lisa B. Kamps. Read or Download Playmaker (The Baltimore Banners, #5.5) format Kindle Edition in 100 and Published 15-1-2016 by BimHaven Press.

Playmaker (The Baltimore Banners, #5.5)
by: Lisa B. Kamps in Kindle Edition, 100
Published 15-1-2016 by BimHaven Press

Playmaker (The Baltimore Banners, #5.5) Derek Caulton is well-known for his exceptional speed and skill on the ice. His natural ability to read the game and create scoring chances has made him a valuable playmaker for the Baltimore Banners, but his skill off the ice is a little different. Coming from a world of privilege with a devilish charm and fun-loving spirit, responsibility isn't something Derek's ever had to worry about. And he's not accustomed to working for what he wants. That all changes after a single encounter with Bridget Lloyd.

Fiercely independent and entirely too outspoken, Bridget learned early in life how to work--and fight--for what she wants. After struggling with the loss of her mother at an early age, she's worked her way through college with the goal of becoming a social worker who specializes in working with children. As a member of the Banner's Ice Crew, she's familiar with Derek's play on and off the ice and wants nothing to do with the irresponsible, fun-loving player--until a minor accident throws them together.

Can a one-night encounter really change the course of two lives? And when the tables are turned, can one stubborn woman teach the fun-loving playmaker that responsibility isn't a four-letter-word and sometimes it's what happens behind the scenes that matters most?

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