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Read Book Everyone Pays Online author by Seth Harwood. Read or Download Everyone Pays format Paperback in 318 and Published 26-4-2016 by Thomas & Mercer.

Everyone Pays
by: Seth Harwood in Paperback, 318
Published 26-4-2016 by Thomas & Mercer

Everyone Pays Before joining homicide, Detective Clara Donner spent years on vice alongside the runaways and vulnerable women who walk San Francisco’s streets. She thinks she’s seen the worst things people can do—until she’s assigned to investigate a particularly ruthless serial killer.

As the body count rises and a pattern emerges—each victim is known for his brutal abuse of women—Donner follows the killer’s trail across the city. In spite of a nagging sense that the world may be better off without these men, she pursues every lead. When Donner finds a damaged girl with links to both the killer and his prey, she wonders if this new witness is the key to unraveling these murders or another victim left in the killer’s wake.

From bestselling author Seth Harwood comes a new psychological thriller set in the dark underbelly of San Francisco.

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