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Read Book Obsessions Online author by Gary Raisor. Read or Download Obsessions format in 317 and Published --1991 by .

by: Gary Raisor in , 317
Published --1991 by

Obsessions The Interrogation (Dean R. Koontz),
In the Cold, Dark Time (Joe R. Lansdale),
The Pleasure of Her Company (Thomas F. Monteleone),
Woodgrains (John Shirley),
Crispy Notes (Nicholas Royle),
Somebody to Love (Scott A. Cupp),
Topsy (F. Paul Wilson),
Franklin and the Can of Whup-Ass (Bill Crider),
Killing Kate (Edward Gorman),
Close Call (Stanley Wiater),
Region of the Flesh (Richard Christian Matheson),
The Cut (L. Bradley Law),
Lady Madonna (Nancy Holder),
Whose Turn is It? (C.J. Henderson),
Empathy (Glen Vasey),
Vampire Dreamers (Lori Perkins),
The Bookman (Chet Williamson),
Girl of My Dreams (Charles L. Grant),
She Would of Been My Wife Had I Not Died (Dean Wesley Smith),
Richard's Head (Al Sarrantonio),
The Man Who Looked Like Murphy (Rick Hautala),
Short and Nasty (Darrell Schweitzer),
Down Home (Edward Bryant),
Hunter's Moon (Kevin J. Anderson),
Heart of Gold (Nina Kiriki Hoffman),
Self-Protection (Kristine Kathryn Rusch),
Sanctuary of the Shrinking Soul (Elizabeth Massie),
The Second Most Beautiful Woman in the World (A.R. Morlan),
Alone of His Kind (David B. Silva),
The Counselor (Dan Simmons)

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