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Read Book Surviving Serendipity Online author by Jacquelyn Sylvan. Read or Download Surviving Serendipity format Paperback in 318 and Published 15-1-2008 by Quake.

Surviving Serendipity
by: Jacquelyn Sylvan in Paperback, 318
Published 15-1-2008 by Quake

Surviving Serendipity The most that June expected for her 21st birthday was night of fun with her friends, and maybe some flowers and a CD from her fiance. She certainly didn't expect to come home to what should have been a dark, empty apartment, to find her destiny waiting for her--wearing bright purple pirate pants. Kidnapped by a sinister stranger and whisked off to a far corner of the galaxy, June discoers that her life on Earth has been a two-decade long lie, and that her true home is the troubled kingdom of Prendawr, on the planet Tallafrith. As if that wasn't enough to chase her back under the covers, June is informed that her dury, as princess and sole surviving member of the royal family, is to use her newly discovered magical abilities to save the planet from impending doom. Accompanied by Halryan, a sorceer with a questionable agenda, and Koen, Minogan, Errigal, and Feoras, members of a vanishing race of blue warriors, June has no idea that she is about to embark on the journey of a life.

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