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Read Book Willnot Online author by James Sallis. Read or Download Willnot format Hardcover in 178 and Published 21-6-2016 by Bloomsbury USA.

by: James Sallis in Hardcover, 178
Published 21-6-2016 by Bloomsbury USA

Willnot In the woods outside the town of Willnot, the remains of several people have suddenly been discovered, unnerving the community and unsettling Hale, the town's all-purpose general practitioner, surgeon, and town conscience. At the same time, Bobby Lowndes--his military records disappeared, being followed by the FBI--mysteriously reappears in his hometown, at Hale's door. Over the ensuing months, the daily dramas Hale faces as he tends to his town and to his partner, Richard, collide with the inexplicable vagaries of life in Willnot. And when a gunshot aimed at Lowndes critically wounds Richard, Hale's world is truly upended.

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