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Read Book The Best Deception Online author by Ashley Jade. Read or Download The Best Deception format in and Published 20-5-2016 by .

The Best Deception
by: Ashley Jade in ,
Published 20-5-2016 by

The Best Deception 26-year-old Psychiatrist, Leah Adams has lived a hard life. Between raising her 15-year-old brother, her mother's death, and the fact that her father is currently serving time for the murder and rape of her childhood best friend...the last thing she has time for is a new patient.

Especially a patient like Jacob Sand.

Jacob Sand is the CEO of an internet software company...he's also the sexiest and most irresistible man that Leah's ever laid her eyes on. It doesn't help that he's a controlling, cocky, dirty talking, millionaire—who has a self-proclaimed sex addiction.

However, as Leah will soon find out, there's so much more than meets the eye when it comes to Jacob.

Jacob's hiding something, and when the truth comes out, the disastrous effects will change Leah's life forever.

Jacob: I knew when Leah found out the truth it would change everything...I just never knew how much. Then again, I never knew how much meeting Leah would change me in the first place.
The only thing I can do now is pick up the pieces while I live with the heartbreak and consequences of her actions—every single day.
It turns out, there are some just can't control.

Leah: The truth will set you free...but it's sure going to screw you up first. I never thought this would be my life. I never thought I would become this. My perfect, uptight, protective shell has been cracked and I can never go back again. Or so I think...

This story is told in two parts.

**WARNING** Adult Content: For readers 18 and over.
Contains the following: explicit language, graphic sexual content, drug usage, and some violence. (However—this book does NOT involve graphic content with any minors.)
Possible Triggers: Addiction

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