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Read Book Ripples Through Time Online author by Lincoln Cole. Read or Download Ripples Through Time format in and Published -- by LC Publishing.

Ripples Through Time
by: Lincoln Cole in ,
Published -- by LC Publishing

Ripples Through Time Winner of the 2015 Literary Classics Award for Inspirational/Visionary YA!

BOOK DESCRIPTION: A novel about overcoming our own weaknesses when it doesn't feel like there is anything left to live for, Ripples through Time tells the story of Calvin Greenwood. A family man in his eighties, Calvin is alone for the first time in over sixty years. His wife, Emily, recently passed away and he isn't taking her death well. He doesn't remember how to be alone, and he doesn't know if he can forgive himself for the mistakes he made.

Edward, a long time family friend, comes to check on him during this time of need. Edward understands just how dangerous things are for Calvin, and he's hoping to talk him out of doing the unthinkable. He just hopes he isn't too late to help.

Help, however, isn't the easiest thing to give, and it can be even more difficult to accept....

Love, loss, and forgiveness weave inextricably into this tale of friendship and hope.

Ripples Through Time is a contemporary novel set in Middle America about aging and euthanasia that examines the good and bad moments in life and shows us that it takes all of them to build a person; often it is our mistakes that define us, but we should always have hope.

The novel begins with a quote by Anne Lamott: "Not forgiving is like drinking rat poison and waiting for the rat to die." Sometimes we need to ask, and grant, for forgiveness before it is too late.

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