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Read Book Lady Joe Online author by Mark Saha. Read or Download Lady Joe format Paperback in 136 and Published 4-8-2015 by Createspace Independent Publishing Platform.

Lady Joe
by: Mark Saha in Paperback, 136
Published 4-8-2015 by Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

Lady Joe Two California cowboys in deep horse and women trouble. "This book touched my heart." - Goodreads review

Somebody left Lee Estes in charge of the Walker place while the trainers are on the road and he manages to lose a champion cutting horse scheduled to be picked up by a buyer. The unsophisticated buyer only wants Lady Joe as a trophy horse to impress guests in his back yard so Lee buys a cheap no-talent blue roan replacement to save his job. When the buyer tells him to enter her in a weekend cutting for photographs, Lee must scramble to find a blue roan cutter to substitute for his bogus horse.

By chance, the only one around belongs to Jim Harrison’s wife, who has no use for Lee and is about to divorce Jim. Lee persuades his best friend there is opportunity here for Jim to save his marriage. The boys embark on a humorous misadventure that becomes an affectionate glimpse at the sport of cutting and a trenchant comment on the future of the horse in a world where it is no longer essential to everyday life.

This mischievous tale is both a hilarious read and a glimpse at a colorful way of life that is fading from the American landscape.

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