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White Sex Slaves
by: C.J. Edwards in ,
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White Sex Slaves Privileged wife Hannah and her daughter Clare lived a life of luxury as rich Englishwomen in Africa. They were unaware of the constant eyes upon them. Jerome, their Kenyan manservant saw them only as chattels and he had a plan to get his hands on hem, as well as making a healthy profit.


“Let’s warm these sluts up,” one of the men said and Hannah saw a glimpse of a leather belt flying through the air before her buttocks lit up with red hot pain. She heard the second one come and tensed up but rather than the intense pain of that one, she heard a loud scream in her ear and realised that one had landed on Clare. The thrashing continued in the same way but the man with the belt amusing himself by keeping the women guessing as to where the blows would land; both in terms of exactly where on the body and indeed which body.

By the time the man stopped, Hannah was glowing hot from the top of her arse, down to her knees. It stung like hell but brought with it a pervasive warmth than made her clitty tingle. It certainly wasn’t pleasant when the strap wasn’t hitting her. There was a pause and she wondered nervously what was coming next. She didn’t have to wait long.

“Arse only!” Jerome commanded. “If anyone pops the little one, I’ll cut his cock off… She’s worth a fortune in one piece,” he added.

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