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Carnage (The Butcher, #2)
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Carnage (The Butcher, #2) The sound of the metal bolt scraping like a knife to bone means they've come for another one. My heart skitters along my ribcage, attempting to find a proper rhythm but failing because fear has now taken control of me. I can hear the ominous tread of feet growing ever closer, my worst nightmare slowly making its way down the dimly lit hallway. It's instant the prayer that comes to mind. "Anyone but me". "Please God, let it be any of the other girls but me."

It's selfish and guilt is quick in twisting my insides. But I'm only human. It's only natural. Self-preservation demands that I save my own ass. God however has other plans. Forsaking me once again when I need his intervention the most. Even before the door to my cage scrapes and squeaks open, I know they've come for me.

There's only one thought that crosses my panicked mind. One name that echoes within the catacombs of my thoughts.


If God won't save me than maybe he will, if for nothing else than to claim me again. Or has he abandoned me too?

Rage is a ravening pit of of corrosive acid coursing beneath the shadowy layer of my being. It runs deep. It runs dark. it's the poison that fuels me. I feed from it, a glutton on a warpath. Wading through clotted blood, the flesh of my victim steams the air around me. Severed limbs and strewn body parts. It's another person down. Another one of Katia's people who has failed to give me information on Lacey's whereabouts. The bodies are starting to pile up. But this is only the beginning. No one is safe until I find her.

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