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Read Book Semiotext(e) SF Online author by Rudy Rucker. Read or Download Semiotext(e) SF format Paperback in 384 and Published 1-8-1991 by Autonomedia (NYC).

Semiotext(e) SF
by: Rudy Rucker in Paperback, 384
Published 1-8-1991 by Autonomedia (NYC)

Semiotext(e) SF Introduction Peter Lamborn Wilson & Rudy Rucker
The Toshiba H-P Waldo Mike Saenz story
Acknowledgments Peter Lamborn Wilson
Preface Rbt Anton Wilson
Metamorphosis #89 Don Webb story
We See Things Differently Bruce Sterling novelette
America Comes Bruce Boston poem
Frankenstein Penis Ernest Hogan story
Six Kinds of Darkness John Shirley story
More Subatomic Particles Nick Herbert story
Burning Sky Rachel Pollack story
Day Bob McGlynn poem
Rapture in Space Rudy Rucker story
Quen Wimpel Meets Bigfoot Kerry Thornley story
Hippie Hat Brain Parasite Wm Gibson story
The Great Escape Sol Yurick story
Jane Fonda's Augmentation Mammoplasty J.G. Ballard story
Report on an Unidentified Space Station J.G. Ballard story
Solitons Paul DiFilippo story
Is This True? Well, Yes & No Sharon Gannon & David Life story
Genocide Richard Kadrey story
The Antarctic Autonomous Zone Peter Lamborn Wilson poem
Vile Dry Claws of the Toucan Ian Watson story
Shed His Grace Michael Blumlein story
All Right, Everybody on the Floor! Thom Metzger story
The Gene Drain Lewis Shiner story
The CIA Register Wm S. Burroughs story
The New Boy Wm S. Burroughs story
Another Brush with the Fuzz Daniel Pearlman story
You Can't Go Home Again Ron Kolm story
Georgie & the Giant Shit Greg Gibson story
Delphic Projection #5 Lorraine Schein poem
The Sex Club T.L. Parkinson story
Your Style Guide Marc Laidlaw story
Maslow, Sheldrake & the Peak Experience Colin Wilson story
Amsterdam Diary Rbt Sheckley story
I Was a Teenage Genetic Engineer Denise Angela Shawl story
Chapter One, the Novel Luke McGuff story
St Francis Kisses His Ass Goodbye Philip José Farmer novelette
Gnosis Knows Best Hugh Fox story
The Beer Mystic's Last Day on the Planet Bart Plantenga story
Visit Port Watson! Anonymous story
Lord of Infinite Diversions T. Winter-Damon story
Project Parameters in Cherry Valley by the Testicles Rbt Anton Wilson story
The Scepter of Praetorious Ivan Stang story
Louie, Louie Jacob Rabinowitz story
Cling to the Curvature! Barrington J. Bayley novelette

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