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Read Book Sacred Hunger Online author by Barry Unsworth. Read or Download Sacred Hunger format Paperback in 630 and Published 17-11-1993 by W.W. Norton Company.

Sacred Hunger
by: Barry Unsworth in Paperback, 630
Published 17-11-1993 by W.W. Norton Company

Sacred Hunger Winner of the 1992 Booker Prize for Fiction

Sacred Hunger is a stunning and engrossing exploration of power, domination, and greed. Filled with the "sacred hunger" to expand its empire and its profits, England entered full into the slave trade and spread the trade throughout its colonies. In this Booker Prize-winning work, Barry Unsworth follows the failing fortunes of William Kemp, a merchant pinning his last chance to a slave ship; his son who needs a fortune because he is in love with an upper-class woman; and his nephew who sails on the ship as its doctor because he has lost all he has loved. The voyage meets its demise when disease spreads among the slaves and the captain's drastic response provokes a mutiny. Joining together, the sailors and the slaves set up a secret, utopian society in the wilderness of Florida, only to await the vengeance of the single-minded, young Kemp.
From Publishers Weekly
Copyright 1992 Reed Business Information, Inc.

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