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Read Book Trusting Love Online author by Mari Evans. Read or Download Trusting Love format ebook in 200 and Published 11-8-2014 by Dreamspinner Press.

Trusting Love
by: Mari Evans in ebook, 200
Published 11-8-2014 by Dreamspinner Press

Trusting Love Laurie Stallon isn’t like other high schoolers. After suffering years of abuse at his father’s hands, he now lives in a foster care facility and finds solace volunteering at the local animal shelter. Laurie’s had to grow up fast, and even though his eighteenth birthday is still weeks away, he’s more adult than most adults he knows. When he meets Dr. Sam Davies, the new shelter veterinarian, the attraction is instant. They become friends at work, but Laurie knows Sam will never go for someone like him. No matter how Laurie tries to prove his maturity to Sam, Sam continues to reject him as too young.

Needing a distraction, Laurie goes out dancing for his birthday and finds his life in danger yet again. When Sam is called to the hospital, he realizes Laurie needs someone to care for him. Sam takes him home, and they slowly build a relationship. But more than their age difference works against them. Facing the disapproval of friends and the scars from Laurie's past, they'll need to put all their trust in love for a chance at a future together.

Reading Trusting Love Online - i really wanted to love this book the author is a pretty good writer but every time i was fully immersed and enjoying the story something threw me out of it and not in a good way - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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