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Read Book Made in Detroit: Poems Online author by Marge Piercy. Read or Download Made in Detroit: Poems format Hardcover in 192 and Published 31-3-2015 by Knopf.

Made in Detroit: Poems
by: Marge Piercy in Hardcover, 192
Published 31-3-2015 by Knopf

Made in Detroit: Poems A treasure trove of new poems by one of our most sought-after poets: poems that range from descriptions of the Detroit of her childhood to her current life on Cape Cod, from deep appreciations of the natural world to elegies for lost friends and relationships, from a vision of her Jewish heritage to a hard-hitting take on today’s political ironies.

In her trademark style, combining the sublime with the gritty, Marge Piercy describes the night she was born: “the sky burned red / over Detroit and sirens sharpened their knives. / The elms made tents of solace over grimy / streets and alley cats purred me to sleep.” She writes in graphic, unflinching language about the poor, banished now by politicians because they are no longer “real people like corporations.” There are elegies for her peer group of poets, gone now, whose work she cherishes but from whom she cannot help but want more. There are laments for the suicide of dolphins and for her beloved cats, as she remembers “exactly how I loved each.” She continues to celebrate Jewish holidays in compellingly original ways and sings praises of her marriage and the small pleasures of daily life.

This is a stunning collection that will please those who already know Marge Piercy’s work and offer a splendid introduction to it for those who don’t.

Reading Made in Detroit: Poems Online - - made in detroit traces the personal and poetic evolution that has made marge piercy one of the most esteemed and enduring writers of the past four decades it begins with childhood memories of depression era detroit where she witnessed poverty desolation and the silent struggles of her mother who was dominated by an overbearing husband - made in detroit poems by marge piercy available in hardcover on powells also read synopsis and reviews marge piercy is the author of eighteen previous poetry collections and seventeen novels her work - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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