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In His Steps
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In His Steps

This is the inspirational novel that popularized the expression, What Would Jesus Do? Written by a Congregational minister, it tells of four prominent members of a small town who resolve to undertake no action without first considering Christ's example. Originally published in 1897, it continues to speak to modern readers.

Reading In His Steps Online - in his steps is an immensely important book in terms of christian literature in north america the novel published in 1896 has sold 30 million copies and its repetitive exhortation what would jesus do continues to be a popular phrase today - in his steps by charles sheldon baker books 1990 paperback 5 out of 5 stars 15 reviews write a review buy 10 or more for 399 each in stock stock no ww0786084 that became a book that became a movement and the book has sold over 30 million copies ask a question - - in publication for well over a hundred years in his steps has resonated with generations of readers although written as a fictional narrative the book is much more than a simple story it teaches truth penned by the hand of a pastor the prose speaks to the questions often running through the minds of people in the pews - - in his steps by charles monroe sheldon is the story of reverend henry maxwell and his congregation the reverend issues a challenge and it affects the lives of everyone in the novel after - in his steps is the story of a pastor named henry maxwell who lives and pastors in the town of raymond new york the story was originally delivered chapter by chapter by rev sheldon to his sunday evening congregation during the summer of 1896 - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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