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Read Book Dolphin Island Online author by Arthur C. Clarke. Read or Download Dolphin Island format Mass Market Paperback in 188 and Published 15-12-1987 by Ace.

Dolphin Island
by: Arthur C. Clarke in Mass Market Paperback, 188
Published 15-12-1987 by Ace

Dolphin Island Set in the near future, a cargo hovership makes an emergency stop in the Midwest to make repairs. An adventurous teenager, Johnny Clinton, sneaks on board.

About a day later there is an explosion, the craft comes to a stop in the southern Pacific Ocean, and starts to sink. Its crew, not aware they had a stowaway, leaves on a lifeboat. The craft sinks entirely leaving Johnny swimming around in a field of debris. He climbs onto a larger piece to use as a raft though has no food or shelter.

Johnny is rescued by a pod of dolphins who push his raft 100 miles to an island in the heart of Australia's Great Barrier Reef. There, Johnny meets the brilliant and eccentric Professor Kazan, who has dedicated his life to the study of dolphin communication. Johnny's further adventures with dolphins and the sea make this an exciting and fascinating coming-of-age story.

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