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Read Book The Twisted Citadel (DarkGlass Mountain, #2) Online author by Sara Douglass. Read or Download The Twisted Citadel (DarkGlass Mountain, #2) format Hardcover in 560 and Published 27-5-2008 by Harper Voyager.

The Twisted Citadel (DarkGlass Mountain, #2)
by: Sara Douglass in Hardcover, 560
Published 27-5-2008 by Harper Voyager

The Twisted Citadel (DarkGlass Mountain, #2) Tencendor is no more. The land is gone. But a few SunSoars remain, and a new foe walks the world.

In a time of magic and danger, three new heroes have stepped forward—Ishbel Brunelle, priestess of the Serpent Coil; Isaiah, the Tyrant of Isembaard; and Maximilian, the Lord of Elcho Falling. Yet despite their best efforts, the Dark God Kanubai has risen. And worse yet, war approaches—backed by the evil, insidious DarkGlass Mountain, hordes of insatiable Skraelings ravage the land.

While the trio struggles to keep its armies and alliances alive, the SunSoars have their own challenges, including the chance to rejoin the magical Star Dance at long last, and the appearance of the Lealfast, long-lost kin to the Icarii. The Lealfast and the Icarii may be friends . . . or deadly enemies. And as tensions rise between the two races, Axis SunSoar revives his elite Strike Force in a desperate bid to stop the darkness.

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