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Momentitiousness Since they first named it, attention deficit disorder (ADD) has been a marker for the American generation who came of age between Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton, with Prince or the Beastie Boys playing in the background while the Mario Brothers and the Golden Girls battled in the foreground. Back then, education, football, and Hollywood were wrapped in capitalism and sentimentality.

Embracing distraction and fighting with concentration, "Momentitiousness" captures the spirit and literary needs of this generation and its heirs with its spurious connections and tangential relationships. Loosely lassoing the possibilities enabled by the digital evolution toward boundless search, this novel collection first establishes the "you" and then proceeds to obliterate the "I" in multiple dimensions.

Nibble on this new literary form-obsessively perched between collection and novel-as it wanders along a least-squares path from moment to moment, from singularity to communion. Here, find stories-from arbitrage to zombies, Chicago to Columbia, dark to energy-about love and disappointment, science and spirits, and life, death, and the undead. Feast upon this antidote to the mundane as it irreverently exalts the soul of an ADD generation like a collection of first kisses: nostalgic and sweet, sensuous and raw, tenuously related, and well wrought.

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