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Read Book Shadows of Damascus Online author by Lilas Taha. Read or Download Shadows of Damascus format Kindle Edition in 223 and Published 14-1-2014 by Soul Mate Publishing.

Shadows of Damascus
by: Lilas Taha in Kindle Edition, 223
Published 14-1-2014 by Soul Mate Publishing

Shadows of Damascus Bullet wounds, torture, and oppression aren’t the only things that keep a man—or a woman— from being whole.

Debt. Honor. Pain. Solitude. These are things wounded war veteran Adam Wegener knows all about. Love—now, that he is not good at. Not when love equals a closed fist, burns, and suicide attempts. But Adam is one who keeps his word. He owes the man who saved his life in Iraq. And he doesn’t question the measure of the debt, even when it is in the form of an emotionally distant, beautiful woman.

Yasmeen agreed to become the wife of an American veteran so she could flee persecution in war-torn Syria. She counted on being in the United States for a short stay until she could return home. There was one thing she did not count on: wanting more.

Is it too late for Adam and Yasmeen?

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