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A Romance West
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A Romance West When Alice Wynther’s parents tragically died, Alice's Aunt Ida welcomed her into her home in Massachusettes. Now years later, Alice is forced to realize that she cannot stay there forever... Especially because the bank is taking Aunt Ida's home and land.

In the hopes of achieving her lifelong dream of becoming a wife and mother, Alice first tries to convince her handsome neighbor Jake that he should marry her. When he confesses that he is to be married to someone else, Alice turns to the help of the local publication. When she meets Mary, and reads Richard Harroner’s letters, the winter seems to last forever, preventing her from traveling to Kansas as soon as possible.

Finally, the time comes and Alice and Aunt Ida must go their separate ways. As sad as it is, a sense of adventure exists in Alice's heart. However, the moment she steps off the train in Kansas, she meets Richard's neighbor, Helen, and learns that tragedy struck again. With no family or home back in Massachusetts, Alice must decide whether to stay in Kansas or to continue her journey elsewhere. The instant that she meets Helen's brother, David, she knows that he will have an impact on her healing from losing the man she had full heartedly agreed to marry and spend her life with.

Can Alice find the closure she needs to move on from the guilt in her heart or will she end up on a train bound for Massachusetts to begin her mail order bride journey again?

Claire Charlins is the pen name for New York Times and USA Today bestselling romance author, Karolyn James. Be sure to stay up to date with all of Karolyn's releases, including more books under the Claire Charlins name:


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