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Read Book Surge (Wheezers #1) Online author by Katelin LaMontagne. Read or Download Surge (Wheezers #1) format ebook in 750 and Published 15-1-2014 by .

Surge (Wheezers #1)
by: Katelin LaMontagne in ebook, 750
Published 15-1-2014 by

Surge (Wheezers #1) Creatures lurking at your door step, but are those what you should be afraid of, or is there a greater monster to fear? Jared Benson is a survivor, but that's all he's done is survive. He's about to meet a girl that's going to make him want more than the ability to breathe, but it comes with a price: follow your head, or your heart?

Jared Benson is your average twenty-three year old male, he has a foul mouth, he likes sex, he despises attachments, and he doesn't take shit from anyone; he just happens to be living in a post-apocalyptic world. Almost two years ago, the world as he knew it ended, and he had to learn how to adapt to his new surroundings. As the appointed leader of a ragtag group of strangers, Jared's focus is on survival.

Gathering supplies, fighting infected, and ending daily disagreements or skirmishes amongst his ranks are his new daily routine; but that's all about to change. A chance meeting with a stranger tips Jared's world off it's axis, and he's going to question what's really important. Come join Jared, his sister, best friend, and those he meets along the way, as he learns to choose if surviving is enough, or if there is really more to life.

MALE/FEMALE romance; violence; language, abuse; male pov

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