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Read Book Master of Illusion (Master of Illusion #2) Online author by Anne Rouen. Read or Download Master of Illusion (Master of Illusion #2) format ebook in 480 and Published 16-1-2014 by StoneHut Publishing.

Master of Illusion (Master of Illusion #2)
by: Anne Rouen in ebook, 480
Published 16-1-2014 by StoneHut Publishing

Master of Illusion (Master of Illusion #2) Secrets, Tragedy, Courage, Love.

Master of Illusion Book II continues the story of the tormented genius, Angel, and his childhood friend, Elise, the prima ballerina who once graced the stage as La Belle and now directs their own opera house, the Opéra Magique. Their lives ensue in an entanglement of secrets, subterfuge, tragedy and love through which they battle their fated hand. Though the skeletons of the past continue to haunt, the veil concealing the truth begins to fall.

It is Paris,1892, and the Opéra Magique is riding a wave of unparalleled success, with the help of Sprite, the Master's popular, fairy-like assistant. Walking the fine line required to keep in abeyance the mutual passions of her star, the volatile magician known as the Master of Illusion, and her goddaughter, the beautiful comtesse de Villefontaine, Madame Dupont needs all her ingenuity to divert the jealous rage of the comte and the suspicions of Police Chief Captain Moreau.

Few people know the truth behind the Master's identity, yet one of them is, all unwittingly, about to give him away. But as their opera house and lives are plunged, yet again, into unthinkable tragedy, fate thrusts Angel and Elise—the Master and Madame—onto a new path of discovery: a path that holds both alluring revelations and nightmares of untold suffering.

Angel and Elise battle choices of life and death, of courage and sacrifice, as they finally discover the answers they've so longed for. But, in discovering the truth of the past, the truth about Angel and the truth about love, do they find the solace they so crave?

Can Angel and Elise overcome the barriers of fate, or will they be destroyed in their determination to do so?

**NEW RELEASE - JANUARY 2014** Currently available on Amazon Kindle, Smashwords, Apple iBooks, Barnes & Noble and Google Play.

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