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Read Book The Well and the Mine Online author by Gin Phillips. Read or Download The Well and the Mine format Paperback in 251 and Published 21-1-2008 by Hawthorne Books.

The Well and the Mine
by: Gin Phillips in Paperback, 251
Published 21-1-2008 by Hawthorne Books

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"After she threw the baby in, nobody believed me for the longest time. But I kept hearing the splash."

So begins The Well and the Mine, a magnificent debut novel set in 1930s Alabama. The place is Carbon Hill, a small coal-mining community, in the midst of the Depression. The Moore family, a loving brood of five, is better off than most, generous to their less fortunate neighbors. But darkness arrives at their doorstep when a mysterious woman throws a baby down the Moores' well, and the story slowly unfolds, through the alternating voices of nine-year-old Tess (who witnessed the crime); her older sister, Virgie; her brother, Jack; and her parents, Albert and Leta.

The mystery of the baby and why the Moores' well was the chosen location for its disposal is the catalyst of this intimate novel -- the splash whose ripples widen to reveal a community divided by race and class. The revelation of this shadowy side of life in Carbon Hill is leavened by the awakening conscience of a family that survives adversity with pluck and determination. In her first novel, Phillips has found beauty, depth, and the promise of salvation in one strong Southern clan.

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