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Read Book No More Stereotypes Online author by Jared M. Anderson. Read or Download No More Stereotypes format Paperback in 338 and Published 3-1-2014 by Createspace Independent Publishing Platform.

No More Stereotypes
by: Jared M. Anderson in Paperback, 338
Published 3-1-2014 by Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

No More Stereotypes Seven years ago…

Jason Street had been itching to prove his intelligence for years, and there seemed to be no better opportunity to prove it then when a phantom tag artist named Deviant Red came to town. Thoroughly stumped, the police decide to turn to the self proclaimed genius for aid, and Jason doesn’t let them down. However, the hunt for a tagger turns into a homicide when an angry citizen kills a boy he believed to be Deviant Red. Stricken by guilt and grief, Jason resigns himself from the case; and Deviant Red disappears.


Deviant Red is back with a vengeance. Explosions plague the city, and people are at each other’s throats as the heretic begins to drive the different races against one another. Once again, Jason Street rises to the challenge before the madman succeeds in tearing the city apart. However, he’s convinced that this isn’t the real Deviant Red. With his friends and family suspicious of his motives, and the police vengeful towards him for his past failings, Jason has to pull out every trick in the book to stop the new Red. The body count is rising and time is running out, and this Deviant Red has a surprise for Jason that he will never see coming.

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