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Thoroughly Whipped
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Amazon and USA Today Best Selling Author, Tillie Cole, brings you her new novel, Thoroughly Whipped. A laugh-out-loud, witty story of one—kick ass—woman’s quest into the sexual unknown.

“We need an angle to hook in more readers, Faith. When we do, you can write about whatever you want! You have my word.”

The sentence I’d wanted to hear for so long just came out of my Editor’s mouth.

And that’s when it all went wrong…

“You want something to hook in the readers; BDSM. You can’t pick up a book these days without some rich alpha dude spanking the shit out of his sub girlfriend who gushes liters at his every command, even though, “it’s not what she’s into at all—but OMG!—she just sprung a leak and rusted the spreader bar!” We already live in Seattle—land of the Thoroughly Whipped! So, get your dildos to attention and leap on the flogging band-wagon! You want more readers, this’ll pull them in in droves!”

I should have kept my big—Jersey—mouth firmly shut.

As I lay here, trussed up in my all-too-tight hog-tie and cuff set, a ball gag snug between my teeth, I mentally spanked my own ass in contrition.

A Harvard degree in Journalism.

Graduated top of my class.

And currently submissive to the biggest prick on Earth.

Quade Sinclair circled my prezel-shaped body, blue-eyes smoldering, deep dimples popping and his bare, hard abs twitching in anticipation.

I hate the English bastard, I really, really do. He’s a pompous, sarcastic asshole. But, Lord help me, I can't stop coming back for more. His built, cut body and thick dark hair sets all my juices flowing, and the worst part of it is, the sexy bastard knows it too…

WARNING: This novel can induce hours of panty-wetting, excessive lip smacking, gales of laughter and the urge to crack your ass with a double-sided whipper!

Erotic Adult Contemporary Romance. Suitable only for age 18 and up*

Released Summer 2014

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