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Read Book Beauty On Earth Online author by Charles-Ferdinand Ramuz. Read or Download Beauty On Earth format Paperback in 206 and Published 1-7-2013 by Onesuch Press.

Beauty On Earth
by: Charles-Ferdinand Ramuz in Paperback, 206
Published 1-7-2013 by Onesuch Press

Beauty On Earth Through the door of a Swiss inn the reader steps into a painting. Two men talk to each other and before long the writer -someone like them, one of them- begins to address us. Thus commences the fugue that is Beauty on Earth,in which the coming of a beautiful orphan to her uncle's inn brings a gradual chaos upon his town. Swiss novelist Charles-Ferdinand Ramuz published La Beauté in 1927. This translation by Michelle Bailat-Jones is a gift for which English language readers have waited decades.

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