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Read Book London Stories Online author by Jerry White. Read or Download London Stories format Hardcover in 429 and Published 6-5-2014 by Everyman's Library.

London Stories
by: Jerry White in Hardcover, 429
Published 6-5-2014 by Everyman's Library

London Stories London has the greatest literary tradition of any city in the world. Its roll call of storytellers includes cultural giants like Shakespeare, Defoe, and Dickens, and an innumerable host of writers of all sorts who sought to capture the essence of the place.

Acclaimed historian Jerry White has collected some twenty-six stories to illustrate the extraordinary diversity of both London life and writing over the past four centuries, from Shakespeare’s day to the present. These are stories of fact and fiction and occasionally something in between, some from well-known voices and others practically unknown. Here are dramatic views of such iconic events as the plague, the Great Fire of London, and the Blitz, but also William Thackeray’s account of going to see a man hanged, Thomas De Quincey’s friendship with a teenaged prostitute, and Doris Lessing’s defense of the Underground. This literary London encompasses the famous Baker Street residence of Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes and the bombed-out moonscape of Elizabeth Bowen’s wartime streets, Charles Dicken’s treacherous River Thames and Frederick Treves’s tragic Elephant Man. Graham Greene, Jean Rhys, Muriel Spark, and Hanif Kureishi are among the many great writers who give us their varied Londons here, revealing a city of boundless wealth and ragged squalor, of moving tragedy and riotous joy.

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Reading London Stories Online - in london stories the citys sprawling historical and literary landscape is served up in a tidy collection of 26 short works that span four centuries jerry white doesnt stint on delivering the goods on londons dark side which of course will delight true london devotees for the literary minded traveler the book is a gold mine - there are happy stories in here and sad stories stories that are truly focused on london and others that are focused on the citys inhabitants or an event in time the collection offers snapshots of london that are truly enjoyable and cha - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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