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Read Book Uncle B's Drive-In Fiction Online author by Elisha Murphy. Read or Download Uncle B's Drive-In Fiction format Trade Paperback in 460 and Published -12-2012 by Uncle B. Publications.

Uncle B's Drive-In Fiction
by: Elisha Murphy in Trade Paperback, 460
Published -12-2012 by Uncle B. Publications

Uncle B's Drive-In Fiction Six low-budget novellas by Jimmy Callaway, Alec Cizak, C. J. Edwards, Garnett Elliott, Matthew C. Funk, and David James Keaton. Featuring cover and interior art by Sarah Hailey. Edited by Elisha Murphy.

Remember rolling into the drive-in, elbow out the window, hand squeezing the wheel of your dad's Ford, hoping to find a spot in the back row of cars? Remember watching some B horror, cheapjack action or western flick, trying like mad to get to second base? Edited by Elisha Murphy, six pulp writers join forces in Drive-In Fiction to conjure up those dark, sweat-laced back seats lit only by the glow of the big screen. Within these pages are six down and dirty novellas all written in the spirit of those films from the golden age of the drive-in. Inside you will find:

The Shunned Highway by Garnett Elliott

When a group of unwitting bikers, the Crusty Losers, pick the wrong gothic mansion to throw a party in, they release a highly contagious alien fungus. What follows is a leather-clad hellride through 70's America, with rogue CDC agents in hot pursuit. Who will survive the fiery showdown in post-hippy San Francisco? Read The Shunned Highway and find out.

A Woman And A Knife by Matthew C. Funk*

A ruthless killer stalks Jenny Childs across the wretched territory of central Ohio, and a haunted cop races against a failing mind to save her. But young Jenny holds a twisted secret that could doom the men on her trail.

SUCK by C. J. Edwards

Indianapolis PD Rookie Homicide Detective Rae Simmons has been assigned a case nobody else wants, the torture and murder of a young prostitute named Cherry. What she doesn't know is that someone else is hunting the killers too. With her victim's body missing, gang bangers turning up dead, and a Catholic Priest telling her a demonic force is out for blood, Simmons must track the killers and face down dark powers beyond her comprehension.

Lupo Danish Never Has Nightmares by Jimmy Callaway

Organized crime produces few heroes. Lupo Danish is not one of them. But in this case, he'll just have to do. He often sleeps, but Lupo Danish never has nightmares.

National Trust by Alec Cizak

Tommy Doyle has his hands full navigating the minefield of his surrogate family of small time Irish-American gangsters. Set during the Watergate scandal, Tommy gears up for a final bank heist to settle some scores. "Who the hell dresses up as Nixon for Halloween?" he asks. Exactly.

Tap Tap Tap (Snap Snap Snap) by David James Keaton

A porn director in the twilight of his career becomes increasingly delusional as he begins to notice sexually transmitted tattoos infecting his "talent." Even his imagined relationship with the Virgin Mary statue down the street can't stop an inevitable showdown between him and the wannabe stuntman he accidentally spit on and his plot to either kidnap a police dog, detonate the local drive-in where the latest porn epic will debut, or detonate a police dog, whichever comes first.


Reading Uncle B's Drive-In Fiction Online - the uncle bs routines always place a teller of tall tales into historical settings such as custers last stand or columbus discovery of america and key off of the redneck anachronisms the character introduces - uncle and his detective uncle is a millionaire elephant who has a ba and wears a purple dressing gown he lives in a labyrinth of skyscrapers connected by water chutes lifts and railways and littered with oil lakes walls of sweets and towers of treacle he and his followers amuse themselves by exploring his home and falling into adventures - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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