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Read Book Legal Briefs Online author by Blaine D. Arden. Read or Download Legal Briefs format ebook in 119 and Published 26-4-2013 by Storm Moon Press.

Legal Briefs
by: Blaine D. Arden in ebook, 119
Published 26-4-2013 by Storm Moon Press

Legal Briefs We at Storm Moon Press are aware of the legal struggles many within the QUILTBAG face, and we know the valuable service Lambda Legal provides. With that in mind, we collaborated with six of our favorite authors (actually, all of our authors are our favorite!) who graciously agreed to donate their time and creative ability to help us create this anthology of legal-themed short stories specifically to help benefit such an excellent organization.

In Honest Lawyers, court reporter Luna is flattered by law student Craig's attentions, but the fear of rejection makes her nervous about opening up to him about her status as a trans woman. Evan defends himself in a barroom brawl and 24 Hours later has to defend himself again, this time to his drunken attacker's lawyer, who fortunately has as little patience for his client as Evan did. Lawyer Melanie is starting to come to terms with her attraction to women, something her new Study Buddy April is happy to help with.

Master Illan is a powerhouse in the Surim court, but it's newcomer Daru who proves to be His Best Defense against threats both without and within. The moment Candy LeBon walks into Detective Calvin Guy's life, he suspects a Double-Cross, but even he's unprepared for the extent of twisted path she'll lead him down. In Henry's country, his attraction to Abel is Against the Law, but his secret is kept safe by another who harbors same-sex attractions—Henry's wife.

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