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Read Book Just So Stories Online author by Rudyard Kipling. Read or Download Just So Stories format Hardcover in 192 and Published 1-11-2013 by Palazzo Editions.

Just So Stories
by: Rudyard Kipling in Hardcover, 192
Published 1-11-2013 by Palazzo Editions

Just So Stories An unforgettable cast of extraordinary animal characters is brought to life in stunning new illustrations by award-winning illustrator Robert Ingpen  
Once upon a time, O my Best Beloved . . .

So begins this classic collection of gloriously fanciful tales of how things in the world came to be as they are. This collection includes the story of how the lazy camel found himself with a hump and how the insatiable curiosity of the elephant earned him his long trunk. It reveals how the whale was given a throat, and why every rhinoceros has great folds in his skin and a very bad temper. We also find out about the cunning cat that walked by itself, and how clever little Taffy and her Daddy Tegumai made the first alphabet. Rudyard Kipling first entertained his own children with these delightful, warm, and humorous stories, which he later wrote down for publication in 1902. Conjuring up distant lands and exotic jungles, they are bewitching for both children and adults. This sumptuous volume offers the complete and unabridged text, including the often-missing 13th story, "The Tabu Tal," which Kipling added for the American edition in 1903.

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