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Read Book Encounters of Sherlock Holmes Online author by George Mann. Read or Download Encounters of Sherlock Holmes format Paperback in 352 and Published 19-2-2013 by Titan Books.

Encounters of Sherlock Holmes
by: George Mann in Paperback, 352
Published 19-2-2013 by Titan Books

Encounters of Sherlock Holmes A brand-new collection of Sherlock Holmes stories from a variety of exciting voices in modern horror and steampunk, including James Lovegrove, Justin Richards, Paul Magrs, Guy Adams and Mark Hodder. Edited by respected anthologist George Mann, and including a story by Mann himself.

Introduction by George Mann 
The Loss of Chapter Twenty-One by Mark Hodder
Holmes and the Indelicate Widow by Mags L Halliday
The Demon Slasher of Seven Sisters by Cavan Scott
The Post-Modern Prometheus by Nick Kyme
Mrs Hudson at the Christmas Hotel by Paul Magrs
The Case of the Night Crawler by George Mann
The Adventure of the Locked Carriage by Stuart Douglas
The Tragic Affair of the Martian Ambassador by Eric Brown
The Adventure of the Swaddled Railwayman by Richard Dinnick  
The Pennyroyal Society by Kelly Hale
The Persian Slipper by Steve Lockley
The Property of a Thief by Mark Wright
Woman’s Work by David Barnett
The Fallen Financier by James Lovegrove

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