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Read Book Mischief Online author by Mark Bastable. Read or Download Mischief format soft cover in and Published --2001 by Headline Book Publishing.

by: Mark Bastable in soft cover,
Published --2001 by Headline Book Publishing

Mischief The media muppets and the slimy celebs are running scared. Someone is out to humiliate and ruin them - someone with a macabre sense of humour and an unknown grudge. The Trickster. Meet Mason Dixon, a man with nothing to do with his days but tell the cat about his arid love life. He's determined to track down the perpetrator of these cruel attacks - if only to re-ingratiate himself with his ex, who's covering the story for a national tabloid. Mason doesn't have much to go on, but he's enlisted the help of a gaunt eccentric called Elvis Presley. And as he sleuths his way towards the quarry, Mason finds that the Trickster's campaign is getting a little too close to home...

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