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Read Book Beyond The Dark Tower Online author by Joseph Vargo. Read or Download Beyond The Dark Tower format Paperback in 234 and Published 15-12-2011 by Monolith Graphics.

Beyond The Dark Tower
by: Joseph Vargo in Paperback, 234
Published 15-12-2011 by Monolith Graphics

Beyond The Dark Tower Venture into the gothic realm of Joseph Vargo and discover the passion, mystery and horror that lie in wait deep within the shadows of The Dark Tower. This sequel to the acclaimed anthology "Tales From The Dark Tower" continues the Gothic saga of the vampire Lord Brom and his battle against the forces that lurk in the citadel of shadows known as The Dark Tower. No one is certain how long The Dark Tower has stood. It is believed to be a place of great evil, haunted by dark angels and spirits of the restless dead. Legends say the Tower was once the ancient fortress of the Dark Queen, Mara, and her infernal legions. Other tales tell of a warrior knight--once a man, but now an immortal creature of darkness--who stands vigil over the fallen queen's tomb. Also look for "The Dark Tower"music soundtrack by Nox Arcana.

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