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Read Book Young Philby Online author by Robert Littell. Read or Download Young Philby format Audio CD in 8 and Published 13-11-2012 by Macmillan Audio.

Young Philby
by: Robert Littell in Audio CD, 8
Published 13-11-2012 by Macmillan Audio

Young Philby An elegant, twisty spy story by a true master of the craft

Bestselling novelist Robert Littell employs all his considerable skills in telling the story of Kim Philby through the eyes of more than twenty true-life characters. As each layer is revealed, the question arises: Who really was this man?

When Kim Philby fled to Moscow in 1963, he became the most infamous double agent in history. A member of Britain's intelligence service since World War II, he had risen to become their chief officer in Washington, D.C. after the war. The exposure of other members of the group of double agents known as the Cambridge Five led to the revelation that he had been working for Russia for even longer than he had been part of MI6. Yet he escaped, and spent the last twenty-five years of his life in Moscow.

In Young Philby, Robert Littell tells the story of the spy's early years. In the words of his friends, lovers, and Soviet handlers we see the development of a fascinating, flawed man who kept people guessing about his ideals and allegiances until the very end.

Reading Young Philby Online - young philby is less a spy novel and more biographical in a whimsical kind of way in much the same way the company is the history of the cia interwoven with fictional characters so too do i feel that young philby is a biography mingled with fictional elements to tell a story - in 1963 kim philby a member of british intelligence was exposed as a double agent working for russia the case continues to provide a mother lode for spy novels and in this latest littell the stalin epigram 2009 etc spins the story even further building to a finish that suggests the story still offers at least one more stunning shoe drop - in young philby robert littell recounts the little known story of the spys early years exploring the evolution of a mysteriously beguiling man who kept his masters on both sides of the iron curtain guessing about his ultimate loyalties as each layer of ambiguity is exposed the question surfaces who was the real kim philby - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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