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Read Book Elsewhere: Poems Online author by Kyoko Uchida. Read or Download Elsewhere: Poems format Hardcover in 96 and Published 15-4-2012 by Texas Tech University Press.

Elsewhere: Poems
by: Kyoko Uchida in Hardcover, 96
Published 15-4-2012 by Texas Tech University Press

Elsewhere: Poems In Elsewhere, Kyoko Uchida unravels the landscapes of childhood migrations and later passages across oceans and continents, seasons and languages—spoken or otherwise—mapping the geographies of longing, loss, grief, and conflict. These poems are preoccupied with itineraries and distance, while at the same time negotiating space at the intersection of shared fragilities and efforts to communicate. Imbued with an outsider’s need for precise definitions, they attempt to pare down to the essential core each place, each yearning and absence.

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