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Read Book Miss Withers Regrets Online author by Stuart Palmer. Read or Download Miss Withers Regrets format Paperback in 160 and Published 1-4-2007 by Rue Morgue Press.

Miss Withers Regrets
by: Stuart Palmer in Paperback, 160
Published 1-4-2007 by Rue Morgue Press

Miss Withers Regrets To clear a veteran’s name, Miss Withersinvestigates a society murder

The war in Europe is over, and America’s fighting men are coming home. Lieutenant Pat Montague spent the war dreaming of a return to his beloved: society princess Helen Abbott. But when Uncle Sam finally lets him go, Pat finds that Helen has become Mrs. Huntley Cairns, and he has nothing to return to at all.

He goes to see Helen at the Cairns mansion, only to stumble upon his rival’s murdered corpse. The jealous soldier is the obvious suspect, but Pat’s friends know he is innocent, and entreat Hildegarde Withers—elementary school teacher and talented sleuth—to clear his name. Huntley was rumored to be involved in the black market, and Miss Withers soon discovers his killer was far more sinister than a soldier with a grudge.

Miss Withers Regrets is part of the Hildegarde Withers Mysteries series, which also includes The Penguin Pool Murder and Murder on the Blackboard.

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