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Read Book The Art of Love Online author by Ovid. Read or Download The Art of Love format Paperback in 208 and Published 10-10-2012 by Random House UK.

The Art of Love
by: Ovid in Paperback, 208
Published 10-10-2012 by Random House UK

The Art of Love It may have been written in the days of chariot races, gladiators, and emperors, but this new translation of the best teacher in history on the subject of love contains enduringly useful and entertaining advice

Are you a sought-after dreamboat forever turning down invitations from attractive admirers? Is your life filled with passionate escapades and fashionable parties? Do you look and feel fantastic all the time? If not, then perhaps there is something you can learn from Ovid. Including both the Ars Amatoria (The Art of Love) and the Remedia Amoris (The Cure for Love), this book contains all men need to know about the best places to pick up girls, how to handle illicit affairs, how to look after a girlfriend when she has a cold, how to dress suavely, and how to make women jealous. It also has plenty of tips for women ranging from how to create a beguiling hairstyle to how to seduce men at parties and show off your best attributes while frolicking in bed. This delightfully witty handbook was found so shocking on its first publication that poor Ovid was sent into exile in disgrace. Since the Emperor Augustus had it taken off the shelves of Rome's libraries in 8 AD it has also been banned by the Vatican and the United States  Customs Office at various points in its illustrious career.

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