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Read Book The Irish Fairy Book Online author by Alfred Perceval Graves. Read or Download The Irish Fairy Book format Paperback in 310 and Published --1994 by Senate.

The Irish Fairy Book
by: Alfred Perceval Graves in Paperback, 310
Published --1994 by Senate

The Irish Fairy Book Welcome to a world of wild banshees, leprechauns, mermaids, battle-tested kings, churchyard demons, and treasure-guarding cats. This is the world of the Irish fairy tale, a magical realm kept alive by generations of storytellers and their avid listeners. As Alfred Perceval Graves, author of the ballad "Father O'Flynn" and a former president of the Irish Literary Society, wrote in the introduction, "The truth is that the Gaelic peasant, Scotch and Irish, is a mystic, and believes not only in this world, and the world to come, but in that other world which is the world of Faery, and which exercises an extraordinary influence upon many actions of his life." In The Irish Fairy Book, Graves has collected Ireland's best-loved fairy tales written by some of its favorite authors. Included are W.B. Yeats' "The Stolen Child," Lady Gregory's "Cuchulain of Muirthemne," Standish James O'Grady's "The Coming of Finn," Lady Wilde's "The Horned Women" and "The Demon Cat," and many more. Illustrations by George Dunham add a delightful touch to this charming collection.

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