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Read Book In the Mood Online author by Suzanne Macpherson. Read or Download In the Mood format Paperback in 384 and Published 29-6-2004 by Avon Books.

In the Mood
by: Suzanne Macpherson in Paperback, 384
Published 29-6-2004 by Avon Books

In the Mood Allison is a young divorcee living in a squalid apartment in Seattle, working too many hours as an assistant manager of an ice cream parlor, coaxing a few more miles out of a dying Nova, and doing whatever it takes to get a better life for her 10 year-old son, Ethan.

Dexter is a prominent cancer researcher who divides his time between his enormous penthouse in the city and his family’s hundred year-old orchard estate on the ritziest island in the Sound.

They've got nothing in common except Bunny Barnes Winchester, society's most hilarious grande dame and Alison's oldest best friend.

Well, there is one other thing they have in common: an anonymous tryst about 10 years ago. A tryst so wonderful, so mysterious, that neither has been able to forget it, even after the passing of over a decade. And when Allison gets one good look at a picture of Dexter Needham at age ten, and holds it up next to a school portrait of Ethan, suddenly Ethan's special talents in science class don't seem so random after all, and Allison's life and everything she has ever believed is about to get turned upside down in the most wonderful of ways...

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