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Read Book The Unicorn Online author by Nancy Hathaway. Read or Download The Unicorn format Hardcover in 191 and Published 24-11-1987 by Random House Value Publishing.

The Unicorn
by: Nancy Hathaway in Hardcover, 191
Published 24-11-1987 by Random House Value Publishing

The Unicorn What is this elusive creature with a horn growing from its forehead? Who is this animal with the power to neutralize poison, a fatal attraction to maidens, and the mythic ability to enrich the cultures of Asia, Arabia, and Europe?

Of all the legendary animals of art, folklore, and literature, the unicorn is the one with the greatest hold on our imaginations. Other fabulous beasts are clearly inventions, existing only in a mythical landscape of our own collective creation. Bit the inicorn strikes us as more than imaginary. It seems possible, even probable—a creature so likely that it ought to exist.

In this magnificently illustrated book, the author takes us on a tour of unicorn lore—from China and apan to India, the Near East, and urope—from ancient times through the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, and into the present. Tapestries, illuminated manuscripts, sculptures and paintings, zoological illustrations, advertisements, and original art especially commissioned for this book wll captivate all of us who are willing to submit to the magical charms of this fabulous and irresistible creature.

More beautiful and appealing than the dragon, more mysterious and powerful than the elves and fairies, the unicorn as symbol and as legend is brilliantly brought to life in this colorful history.

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