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Read Book The Mysterious Stranger Online author by Mark Twain. Read or Download The Mysterious Stranger format Paperback in 121 and Published 1-9-1995 by Prometheus Books.

The Mysterious Stranger
by: Mark Twain in Paperback, 121
Published 1-9-1995 by Prometheus Books

The Mysterious Stranger In his last years, Mark Twain had become a respected literary figure whose opinions were widely sought by the press. He had also suffered a series of painful physical, economic, and emotional losses.

The Mysterious Stranger, published posthumously in 1916 and belonging to Twain's "dark" period, belies the popular image of the affable American humorist. In this anti-religious tale, Twain denies the existence of a benign Providence, a soul, an after-life, and even reality itself. As the Stranger in the story asserts, "nothing exists; all is a dream."

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