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Read Book The Clown Said No Online author by Mischa Damjan. Read or Download The Clown Said No format Hardcover in 32 and Published 1-3-2002 by NorthSouth.

The Clown Said No
by: Mischa Damjan in Hardcover, 32
Published 1-3-2002 by NorthSouth

The Clown Said No The lights come up, the circus band begins to play, the ringmaster introduces the first act: "Presenting the clown Petronius and Theodore the stubborn donkey!" But nothing happens. And then, the clown says "No." He's tired of playing the fool. What he wants to do is tell stories. The clown and the donkey are just the first of the circus performers to rebel. A dancing pony, a lion, a giraffe, and a little white dog, all tired of doing their tricks, join them as they escape from the circus and set off to find true happiness.

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