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Read Book Full Spectrum 1 Online author by Jeffrey J. Mariotte. Read or Download Full Spectrum 1 format Paperback in 483 and Published 1-8-1988 by Spectra.

Full Spectrum 1
by: Jeffrey J. Mariotte in Paperback, 483
Published 1-8-1988 by Spectra

Full Spectrum 1 Here for the 1st time anywhere are 25 new stories from the leading edge of contemporary science fiction & fantasy. Bold, shocking, sly & visionary, these astonishing stories have one thing in common: they push the imagination to its limits. Spanning the full spectrum from Norman Spinrad's harrowing "Journal of the Plague Years," to the dreamy eloquence of Lisa Goldstein's "My Year With the Aliens," from Thomas M. Disch's hauntingly erotic "Voices of the Kill," to Kevin J. Anderson & Doug Beason's hard sf story "Reflections in a Magnetic Mirror," these daring excursions into the worlds of past, present & future represent the best of today's speculative fiction by both acknowledged masters & the most exciting new voices in the field. Filled with rich invention & vivid detail, with incredible fantasy & terrifying truth, Full Spectrum is one collection that no fan of science fiction & fantasy should be without.


Introduction / Lou Aronica and Shawna McCarthy
Voices of the kill / Thomas M. Disch
This is the year zero / Andrew Weiner
Proselytes / Gregory Benford
The fourth moxie branch / Jack McDevitt
Prayerware / Jack Massa
Mannequins / Charles Oberndorf
Moments of clarity / Elissa Malcohn
A gift of the people / Robert Samson
The last rainmaker song / Jeffrey J. Mariotte
Tinker to evers to chance / Steven Bryan Bieler
The farm system / Howard V. Hendrix
Ghost ship / Walton Simons
Phillipa's hands / Nancy Kress
Reflections in a magnetic mirror / Kevin J. Anderson and Doug Beason
Listening / Ronnie Seagren
My year with the aliens / Lisa Goldstein
Oz / Lewis Shiner
Dead men on tv / Pat Murphy
Once in a lullaby / Fred Bals
My imaginary parents / T.L. Parkinson
Bible stories for adults, no. 17: the deluge / James Morrow
Beyond the seventh sphere / Aaron Schutz
Magister Rudy / Richard Grant
The thing itself / Michael Blumlein
Journals of the plague years / Norman Spinrad

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