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Read Book Rethinking Sex Online author by Heather Love. Read or Download Rethinking Sex format Paperback in 228 and Published 10-12-2010 by Duke University Press Books.

Rethinking Sex
by: Heather Love in Paperback, 228
Published 10-12-2010 by Duke University Press Books

Rethinking Sex This special issue of GLQ celebrates the twenty-fifth anniversary of the publication of Gayle Rubin's groundbreaking essay, "Thinking Sex: Notes for a Radical Theory of the Politics of Sexuality." Credited with inaugurating the contemporary field of sexuality studies, Rubin's essay calls for an "autonomous theory and politics specific to sexuality." Looking at the intellectual and political gains of sexual freedom movements over the past two decades, Rethinking Sex explores the critical and activist afterlife of the controversial 1982 Barnard College Conference on Sexuality, where Rubin originally presented the essay. In her contribution to this special issue, Rubin reflects on her earlier essay and examines developments in "pro-sex" feminism since the publication of "Thinking Sex." Other noted scholars assess the significance of Rubin's work for histories of sexuality and for new areas in queer studies, such as transgender studies, disability studies, and transnational studies. In honouring Rubin's scholarship, the contributors address the history of sexual theory and politics and the forms that they might take in the twenty-first century.

Contributors: Lisa Duggan; Stephen Epstein; Lisa Henderson; Neville Hoad; Sharon Holland; Regina Kunzel; Robert McRuer; Joanne Meyerowitz; Gayle Rubin; Susan Stryker; Carole Vance; Contributors; Jeff Chang; Vivien Goldman; Jennifer Kabat; Mark Katz; Josh Kun; Barbara London; Mac McCaughan; Carlo McCormick; Charlie McGovern; Mark Anthony Neal; Piotr Orlov; Luc Sante; Trevor Schoonmaker; Dave Tompkins

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