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Read Books Lost Days (Lost Millennium, #3) Online

Read Book Lost Days (Lost Millennium, #3) Online author by Mike Moscoe. Read or Download Lost Days (Lost Millennium, #3) format Paperback in 316 and Published 1-2-1998 by Ace Books.

Lost Days (Lost Millennium, #3)
by: Mike Moscoe in Paperback, 316
Published 1-2-1998 by Ace Books

Lost Days (Lost Millennium, #3) A designer plague threatens every living thing on earth...and a desperate world sends two 21st-century soldiers back in time to win a war lost six thousand years ago. Now, in the thrilling follow-up to First Dawn and Second Fire, Lieutenant Launa O'Brian and Captain Jack Walking Bear return from 4,000 B.C.-and discover a radically changed civilization, and a society infested with a different sort of plague...

First Dawn was a Locus Recommended Novel, hailed as a fine debut by the Salem Statesman Journal
Mike Moscoe is a major new talent.-Robert J. Sawyer, Nebula Award-winning author of Starplex

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